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TheoFrameAccountability project is developed in co-promotion.

The co-driving entities involve entities linked to the academy as well as entities directly associated to the problem that is intended to be studied.

Created in 1973, the University of Aveiro (UA) quickly became one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in the country. The UA is a privileged partner of companies and other national and international entities, with which cooperates in several projects and programs and to which provides important services, being, therefore, a priviliged space for research where innovative products and solutions are developed, contributing to the development of science and technology.


//// University of Aveiro

Confederate organization of private institutions of social solidarity, which aims to promote the development of the private institutions of social solidarity action, preserve their identity and defend and promote the framework of values and common interests among IPSS.


//// National Confederation of Solidarity Institutions

Created in 1979, the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra is a public higher education institution and is located in Portugal's coastal center, in that city that for centuries has been known as the “city of students”. It is one of the ten largest Portuguese higher education institutions, integrating six teaching units covering a wide range of training areas, ranging from agriculture and the environment to education, communication, tourism, the arts, management, accounting and marketing, to health and engineering.


//// Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra

Created in 1985, the Polytechnic of Porto (P.PORTO) is the largest and most dynamic Polytechnic in the country, occupying the first position in the ranking of the Polytechnic and, together with the main universities, it is in the ranking of the National Higher Education. P.PORTO considers its mission to be the leader of the Polytechnic subsystem in Portugal, assuming its social responsibility in the presence of the community and society, in an international frame of reference, demanding excellence.
In the last 30 years, P.Porto built and solidified a universe composed of several units and services.

PPorto opaco cor - 01.png

//// Polytechnic Institute of Porto

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